Here Comes the Sun

Jules,16. The Beatles, George Harrison, 1960s.
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Q: ‘In I Me Mine, it’s surprising that you didn’t cover -‘

George Harrison: ‘The Beatles [laughs].’

Q: ‘- or your musical influences and upbringing.’

GH: ‘Well, you’ve got to understand that the book really started out as a facsimile of the bits of paper that the songs were written on. And then it developed into talking about each song - how I wrote it or some little story. Then they decided to get Derek Taylor, a friend who is a writer, to fill in bits. We’d have a tape recorder and just talk, like we’re talking now, and then later they’d type it up and I’d read it and edit or polish it up a bit. And it just became a book. But it’s just really random conversations from three or four different occasions put together. And the Beatles had been so ripped off and used by everybody - lots of people - in one way or another. And they still are, to this day. So I didn’t want to appear to be riding on the Beatles’ coattails either. I know John got personally insulted because I never mentioned him in it, but I never really mentioned Paul or Ringo. Derek even said, ‘Well, hadn’t you better say something about Pattie? You were married to her for 10 years.’ ‘Oh, okay then.’ I was avoiding all the stuff people would really want to know about, the gossip side of things, and also I didn’t want to insult the other guys - ‘Look, he’s just cashing in on the Beatles.’ I wanted it to be what it set out to be, which was just the songs, the bits of paper, how I wrote them.’

—George Harrison, Guitar Player, November 1987 (via thateventuality)