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Lovely speech, George. Hahah. 

I am falling for you all over again.

Classy as usual

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The sight of Geoffrey Giuliano’s face is enough to make anyone a recluse. My husband once made the remark: ‘That guy knows more about my life than I do’. Mr. Giuliano missed the joke and used it to endorse his book. To rate himself as the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roller biographer (a laughable title in the first place) is nothing but delusion. He has only ever been in the vicinity of my husband for about 10 minutes and considers himself an expert. He parades as a spiritual person while condemning the famous, yet without them his achievements in this life wouldn’t rate one line in any newspaper. To judge Paul McCartney as ‘vacuous and shallow’ after all Paul has written and offered to the world is surely the judgement of an arrogant mind, especially as Giuliano’s own recognition is not because he is creative, but because, like a starving dog, he scavenges from his heroes, picking up bits of gristle and sinew along the way, repackaging them for consumption by a gullible public. His life is a ‘curse’ to himself and perhaps his admitted 300 acid trips by the age of 19 have something to do with it. I’m sick of this guy.

Olivia Harrison (Mrs. George)

—"On September 22, 1992, Beatles’ Biographer Geoffrey Giuliano was interviewed by the Guardian newspaper, insulting the Beatles, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. Olivia did not take this too kindly and wrote to the Guardian newspaper, who had her letter published on October 5, 1992" - (via harrisonstories)

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'But I think, to take your metaphor, that your broad public image is as someone who lives in the comedy stable—and so people maybe don't realize that your horse arrangements might be a little more complicated than they at first seem.'

Mike Myers: ‘First of all, thank you for getting out the equine metaphor stretcher. This gets us back to how not factory-made my career is. Everything I’ve done has been handmade. I love that that was the name of George Harrison’s company: HandMade Films. I’m 50 now, there are two stars on the walk of fame, one for me, one for Shrek, which is insanely flattering. There’s all the insane success. I can’t believe how well they did. It’s mind-blowing, truly. What do they say? If you bat .300 you can get in the Hall of Fame. Which means that seven times out of ten you didn’t connect with the ball. The song that I keep coming back to lately is the song “Across the Universe.” The first time I heard it, it was the first song I ever heard on headphones. And I was like “Wow, this is pop music, but I truly feel like I’m going across the universe right now.” I just think I haven’t lost the sense of the magic of that.’

'Is it really true that the very last letter George Harrison wrote in his life was to you?'

Myers: ‘Yes. That’s mind-blowing, dude, for the son of a Liverpudlian, a person who worships the Beatles. The letter came on the day of Austin Powers 3 when we were shooting the scene where Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Spielberg, Danny DeVito, Kevin Spacey are doing the Hollywood movie version of Austin Powers’s life as directed by Steven Spielberg, and it was the day George Harrison died.’

'Had you ever had any contact with him before then?'

Myers: ‘No. And then I got this letter on that day. I cried like a baby, and it’s prominently displayed in my house. He says ‘…sitting here with my Dr. Evil doll…I just wanted to let you know I’ve been looking all over Europe for a mini-you doll.’ And he says ‘Dr. Evil says frickin’ but any good Scouser dad will tell you it’s actually ‘friggin’ as in a ‘four of fish and finger pie’, if you get my drift.’ He said, ‘thanks for the movies, so much fun.’ Dude, I can’t even. On the [Beatles] Anthology special I spoke about how I still get teary thinking of that last shot [in A Hard Day’s Night] with the helicopter and all the 8-by-10s and it says B-E-A-T-L-E-S on the door and the helicopter takes off. I love the spirit of that film so much, that spirit got into Austin Powers and Wayne’s World, which is that it’s a party. And he said [in his letter] ‘I’m sorry I left you on the helicopter that day, I promise I won’t do it again.’

'Did you ever learn how he came to be writing this to you?'

Myers: ‘Yeah, but I can’t really speak of it. But it is fantastic and sad and awesome, and this is the magic that I’m talking about that I feel very grateful and privileged to be part of it.’

GQ, June 2014 (via thateventuality)

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"I was surprised, actually, to discover that George was so attractive in person. I’d always thought of Paul as the cute one, but up close George was ruggedly handsome, even striking, with his long hair curling up just above the shoulders, his face smooth and clear, and those dark, intense eyes." - Chris O’Dell

"[After seeing The Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall on 18 April 1963 while critiquing the bands for the Radio Times] The Beatle she liked the look of most, when she caught sight of them in the corridors afterwards, was George.” - Hunter Davies about Jane Asher

"He was very, terribly good looking, but really funny as well and just enchanting." - Pattie Boyd

"I have big photographs of George behind me when I do the song ‘Something’, his song, and I look at them, and it’s so sad because he’s not here. But it’s lovely to look at those pictures and think: God, my mate George, isn’t he a good-looking boy! You think all the things you couldn’t think when you were a kid (..)” - Paul McCartney

”(..) I know a good-looking chap when I see one, and George Harrison was way beyond handsome” - Mark Radcliffe

The only good looking one was George Harrison” - Angus McBean

"The most handsome but underrated Beatle, he came into his own as a solo artist and film producer." -  The Guardian

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John Lennon, Yoko Ono & George Harrison seen pictured just days before the Concert for Bangladesh. Lennon was due to play, accepting that Harrison did not want Ono to appear, but John and Yoko had gotten into a fight just days before which caused Lennon to leave New York and therefore not appear.

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It’s funny. Once I just used to date girls and that was that. Now people seem interested in why I like certain types of girls and they ask for tips and hints and that sort of thing. Well, my own tastes run to small blonde girls who can share a laugh with me. That sense of humour a all important to me, but I do like her to be able to switch moods as quickly as I do. Anyway, I date as often as we get a free night, which doesn’t add up to many dates these days! No, there’s nobody regular. It wouldn’t be fair on her, not with us being as busy as we are right now.

—George Harrison on girls and dating, in The Beatles Book's 1963 introductory profile, “On lead guitar: George Harrison” (via thateventuality)

To me they’re not Beatles. I don’t look at George and think he’s a Beatle, I look at him and I think he’s George, and I love George.

—John Lennon (via mccartneymadness)

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